10 Best Attack On Titan Characters

Eren's close friend and strong-willed Scout known for her physical prowess and loyalty. Struggles with her attachment to Eren.

10. Mikasa Ackerman:

Shaped the series' world with actions like the insurrection attempt and giving Eren the Attack Titan. Memorable despite offscreen death.

9. Grisha Yeager:

Optimistic Scout with exceptional battlefield skills, known for her unique personality and unfortunate demise.

8. Sasha Braus:

Briefly appeared but enriched the series with unique attitude and skills, providing context for Levi's abilities.

7. Kenny Ackerman:

Main protagonist with a polarizing personality, driving the narrative with his aggressive actions and tragic journey.

5. Eren Yeager:

Controversial character consistently focused on Eldian interests, commendable for his stance and combat skills.

4. Floch Forster:

Skillful, loyal, and disciplined Scout who inspired others. Survived Rumbling with unimpeachable personality.

3. Levi Ackerman:

Charismatic leader skilled on and off the battlefield, with a focus on Paradis' future and sacrifice.

2. Erwin Smith:

Evolving character who fought personal demons, protected comrades, and embodied the anime's core theme of resilience.

1. Reiner Braun: