10 best One Piece fights of all time, ranked

A pivotal fight that shook the One Piece world, showcasing Blackbeard's newfound power and Ace's loyalty.

1. Ace vs. Blackbeard:

Despite being short, this fight establishes the gap between rookies and veterans and shapes Zoro's character.

2. Zoro vs. Mihawk:

A heartfelt battle that concludes the Arlong Park arc and solidifies the emotional depth of the series.

3. Luffy vs. Arlong:

An iconic fight that marks Luffy's triumph against the World Government and highlights the Straw Hats' unity.

4. Luffy vs. Rob Lucci:

A visually spectacular battle with outstanding choreography that displays Zoro's strength and Haki skills.

5. Zoro vs. Pica:

An emotional fight reflecting Luffy's role as captain and Usopp's loyalty to his crewmates.

6. Usopp vs. Luffy:

This fight showcases the emotional complexity of Sanji's character and Luffy's steadfastness as a captain.

7. Sanji vs. Luffy:

A recent addition to the list, Zoro's growth shines in this fight, featuring exceptional manga choreography.

8. Zoro vs. King:

An important step for Luffy's journey to Pirate King, highlighting his adaptability and potential.

9. Luffy vs. Charlotte Katakuri:

Arguably the best fight in the series, filled with emotional depth, intense choreography, and a well-crafted villain.

10. Luffy vs. Donquixote Doflamingo: