10 Biggest Questions Squid Game Season 2 Has to Answer

Why did In-ho become the Front Man? Did his trauma from the 28th Squid Game lead him to join the operation?

1. Front Man's Backstory:

Is Jun-ho still alive after being shot by his brother In-ho, the Front Man?

2. Detective Jun-ho:

Did the police receive Jun-ho's messages about the games, and if so, can they track down the operation?

3. Police Messages:

Are there similar games happening in other countries, as hinted by the VIPs' comments?

4. International Squid Game:

How are the masked Squid Game guards recruited, and why do they follow orders without exposing the operation?

5. Guard Recruitment:

What happened to the winners of previous Squid Games, and can Gi-hun track them down for information?

6. Previous Winners:

Is the Salesman a former Squid Game winner who gained Il-nam's trust?

7. Salesman's Identity:

Who replaced Il-nam as the head of the game after his death, and is the competition continuing?

8. New Game Head:

Can Gi-hun really stop the games by himself, given the Front Man's resources and potential threats to his family?

9. Gi-hun's Mission:

Will Gi-hun have to participate in the next Squid Game to stop it, and can Squid Game season 2 work without featuring the actual games?

10. Gi-hun's Participation: