10 Facts You Didn’t Know About One Piece’s Nico Robin

Eiichiro Oda, the creator, revealed he would choose to be Nico Robin if he were a manga character, citing her Hana Hana no Mi devil fruit power.

1. One of Oda's Favorites

Oda shared two alternate scenarios of Robin in her later years, depicting her as an everlasting beauty.

2. Portrayed in Different Ages

Unlike other crew members, Robin joined the Straw Hat Pirates by her own choice, stowing away on their ship.

3. Robin's Own Decision

Originally conceived as a male character, Robin's design changed to the iconic version we know today.

4. Early Concept

Robin's birthday, February 6 (2/6), is a play on her name 'Nico Robin' (Ni-Ro) in Japanese. She shares it with her mother, Nico Olvia.

5. Birthday Wordplay

Robin's personal Jolly Roger design includes her hat, skull mark, and hands from her Hana Hana no Mi power.

6. Unique Jolly Roger

Hathaway stands out among an all-female cast in this heist movie, bringing joy to her role as a famous actor.

7. Ocean's 8 (2018)

Robin enjoys sweet desserts, sandwiches, and coffee pairings, with sunny side-up eggs and Wano Country's soba being among her favorites.

8. Favorites

Robin had the highest bounty among the Straw Hats as a child due to her ability to read the poneglyphs.

9. Highest Starter Bounty

Robin holds some unique records as the only Straw Hat member, which you can find in the original article."

10. Odd Straw Hat Record