10 powerful clan's secret techniques in Naruto, ranked

Nativity of a World of Trees: Mastered by Hashirama Senju, it summons dense trees to capture and drain the target's chakra.

1. Wood Release Secret Technique:

Karin Uzumaki uses this technique to manifest attacking chains capable of binding and destroying.

2. Adamantine Attacking Chains:

Nara clan's technique lets users merge shadows with targets, restraining their movements.

3. Shadow Imitation Technique:

Yamanaka clan's technique allows the user to transfer their consciousness and control targets' bodies.

4. Mind Body Switch Technique:

Butterfly Mode: Akimichi clan members use this to manipulate body size, gaining strength in Butterfly Mode.

5. Calorie Control:

Aburame clan technique involves insects for combat, tracking, and impersonation.

6. Parasitic Destruction Insect Technique:

Hozuki clan can liquefy their bodies partially or entirely, providing escape and defense.

7. Hydrification Technique:

Fuma clan's technique involves trapping opponents in a chakra-infused pyramid-shaped cage.

8. Curse Mandala:

Creates a powerful explosion capable of wiping out enemies. Passed down within the clan.

9. Fury:

Kedoin clan's technique flawlessly copies appearances using a special mask.

10. Face Copying Technique: