10+ Random Facts About Blake Lively Fans Didn't Know

During filming, Blake Lively injured her hand while playfully punching Jude Law's elbow, leading to multiple surgeries for her recovery.

1. Punching Jude Law and Broken Hand

Blake's playful side emerged in a mad-libs version of a Glamour makeup tutorial, featuring unconventional blending techniques and concealer shapes.

2. Mad-Libs Makeup Tutorial

Blake and Ryan's social media banter showcases their playful relationship, from cookie critiques to witty birthday wishes.

3. Trolling Ryan Reynolds

Blake's cooking skills stem from her love of eating, and she's become quite the gourmet chef, crediting her mother for her culinary passion.

4. Gourmet Cooking Enthusiast

Ahsoka's unique combat style involves wielding two lightsabers, a technique known as Jar’Kai.

5. Guitar Hero Skills

Ryan Reynolds proposed to Blake with a jaw-dropping 12-carat ring worth over $2 million, a stunning symbol of their love.

6. Extravagant Engagement Ring

Blake's friendship with Florence Welch resulted in a personal performance at her wedding, where the lead-singer sang three songs.

7. Florence + The Machine at Her Wedding

While filming the survival horror film The Shallows Blake was pregnant with her second child, showcasing her dedication to her work.

8. Filming "The Shallows" While Pregnan

Blake's love for baking extends to cupcakes and an insatiable sweet tooth, making her a dessert aficionado.

9. Sweet Tooth and Cupcake Passion

Blake always keeps her cellphone, credit cards, and passport on hand, reflecting her status as a jet-setting celebrity.

10. Indispensable Items