"10 Secrets That Could Ruin The Pros Of My Hero Academia"

Dabi's revelation as Endeavor's son tarnishes Endeavor's reputation and highlights his destructive behavior within the family.

1. Endeavor & Dabi

Hawks' decision to kill Twice for strategic reasons is met with public backlash and accusations that he's no different from villains.

2. Hawks Killing Twice

Midoriya's vigilante actions to protect U.A and his friends remain a secret, but the toll it takes on him and his friends is significant.

3. Midoriya Becomes A Vigilante

The possibility of spies among heroes erodes public trust and complicates the perception of hero society's integrity.

4. Spies Among The Ranks

Lady Nagant's past as a government assassin raises questions about the morality of Pro Heroes' actions and the government's involvement.

5. Nagant's History

Mirio and Deku's decision to leave Eri in danger with Overhaul could harm their reputation as protectors of the innocent.

6.Mirio & Deku Let Eri Go Back To Overhaul

The truth about Kurogiri's past as Oboro Shirakumo, a hero in training, could undermine the public's view of heroes' invincibility.

7. Kurogiri

Shigaraki's connection to Nana Shimura exposes the darker lineage of One For All, damaging the symbol of peace.

8. Nana & Shigaraki

All Might's true form and limited power duration challenges society's belief in his invulnerability.

9. All Might's Weakness

Endeavor's inability to confront Ending on his own reveals his personal flaws and weaknesses, affecting public trust.

10. Endeavor & Ending