10 Oshi No Ko Secrets Only Manga Readers Know

In the series, acting takes precedence over music, with characters Aqua and Ruby learning about it from aspiring actresses Kana Arima and Akane Kurokawa.

1. Focus on Acting

Aqua, initially consumed by revenge, eventually supports others, as shown through his relationship with Akane Kurokawa.

2. Aquamarine's Support

Ruby secretly desires revenge too, wanting to avenge her mother's death like her brother Aqua.

3. Ruby's Revenge

Despite his quest for revenge, Aqua questions the purpose and impact of his actions, leading to a reevaluation of his goals.

4. Aqua's Doubts

Ruby excels at method acting, as seen when she takes on her mother's role in a movie about Ai's life.

5. Ruby's Method Acting

While hinted, Oshi no Ko doesn't heavily explore the high school life genre, focusing more on entertainment.

6. Limited High School Life

Eye stars that symbolize lies may appear on other characters beyond the Hoshino family, like Akane Kurokawa.

7. Eye Stars and Characters

Ruby succeeds in forming her idol group, B Komachi, with Kana Arima and Mem-Cho.

8. Ruby's Idol Group

Ruby becomes insufferable as she gains fame, showing her conceited side due to her desire for recognition.

9. Ruby's Conceit

Aqua struggles with modern technology, emphasizing his unfamiliarity with smartphones and social media."

10. Aqua's Tech Ineptitude