10 Unforgettable Moments from Millie Bobby Brown

Millie's lively imitation of the Kardashians during an interview with Jimmy Fallon showcased her playful side and her uncanny knack for capturing their signature style.

1. Kardashian Obsession:

Mario Lopez's announcement that he followed Millie on Instagram led to an exuberant and relatable reaction from the young star, showing us that even celebrities can't help but be starstruck.

2. Instagram Thrill:

From being clueless about vinyl records to becoming a devoted fan, Millie's journey with record players on the set of "Stranger Things" highlighted her willingness to embrace the past.

3. Record Players:

The adorable on-screen romance between Eleven and Mike was taken to the next level with their first kiss. Millie's reaction to kissing Finn both on and off-screen added a charming touch to their chemistry.

4. Kissing Finn Wolfhard:

Millie's witty banter with Ellen DeGeneres proved that she's not just a talented actress but also a natural entertainer who can hold her own in any conversation.

5. Ellen Interview:

Millie's confession about being afraid of bungalows, while unconventional, gave us a glimpse of her quirky personality and her ability to make even the strangest fears relatable.

6. Fears:

Millie's surprising vocal talents, showcased through her performances of popular songs, added another layer to her already impressive skill set.

7. Singing Sensation:

Behind-the-scenes auditions revealed a determined young Millie, capturing the essence of her journey from hopeful auditions to becoming the iconic Eleven.

8. "Stranger Things" Audition:

Millie's emotional acceptance speech at the MTV TV & Movie Awards highlighted her genuine gratitude and marked her as a rising star in the entertainment world.

9. MTV Acceptance Speech:

Millie's recap rap for "Stranger Things" Season 2 on the Tonight Show added a unique and entertaining twist to the typical recaps we're used to.

10. "Stranger Things" Recap Rap: