Emma Roberts: 10 Fun Facts About Her Life and Career

Emma Roberts kicked off her acting journey at just 13 with the Nickelodeon show *Unfabulous*, gaining early fame.

1. Early Nickelodeon Stardom:

Being Julia Roberts' niece, Emma shares a close relationship with her famous aunt, but her career now stands on its own.

2. Close Bond with Aunt Julia:

Emma tactfully avoided stirring up drama when asked about diva behavior between co-stars Ariana Grande and Lea Michele.

3. Drama-Free Co-Star Relations:

Beyond acting, Emma recorded singles for films like Ice Princess and Aquamarine , displaying her passion for music.

4. Music Ventures:

Emma dated actor Evan Peters on and off for six years, though their relationship was marred by domestic abuse allegations.

5. Six-Year Relationship:

Emma had the enviable experience of kissing both James and Dave Franco for movie roles, making her friends envious.

6. Dual Franco Kisses:

Recognized by Teen Vogue as one of the best-dressed celebrities for several years, Emma has a keen sense of style.

7. Teen Vogue Fashionista:

With a net worth of $25 million, Emma's acting, modeling, and singing prowess has helped her amass significant wealth.

8. Wealth Accumulation:

Emma is currently expecting her first child, a baby boy, with boyfriend Garret Hedlund, joining the trend of celebrity pregnancies.

9. Pregnancy and New Beginnings:

Emma Roberts continues to shine in her multifaceted career, from her early Nickelodeon days to becoming a successful actress and musician.

10. Multifaceted Career: