Shallow Hal’ led to dark times for woman who played Gwyneth Paltrow’s body double

Ivy Snitzer, a former aspiring actress and body double for Gwyneth Paltrow in "Shallow Hal," shares her challenging journey after the film's release.

Ivy Snitzer's Difficult Experience

While working on "Shallow Hal," Snitzer felt valued and comfortable among the cast and crew, who treated her as essential to the production.

Initial Comfort on Set

Snitzer did not anticipate the film's massive reach, and the negative aspects of her portrayal as a body double for an obese character.

Unforeseen Impact

The film's release amplified negative perceptions of being overweight, causing distress for Snitzer as she felt that her humor wasn't recognized.

Magnifying Negative Aspects

Snitzer faced criticism and accusations of promoting obesity due to her involvement in the film, leading to uncomfortable encounters in public.

Accusations and Street Encounters

The negative attention caused Snitzer to contemplate giving up on acting and fame, considering alternative paths for her life.

Fear and Doubt

Snitzer moved back to New York City to live with her parents and began experiencing severe health issues, eventually leading to drastic weight loss.

Retreat and Health Struggles

Snitzer underwent gastric band surgery in 2003 to address her weight-related health concerns.

Gastric Band Surgery

Unfortunately, complications arose from the surgery, resulting in physical distress, difficulty eating, and a decline in her overall well-being.

Complications and Decline

Snitzer's health deteriorated to the point where she struggled to maintain relationships, and her overall quality of life was greatly diminished, highlighting the hardships she endured during that period.

Grim Impact