Top 10 Greatest Adele Songs

Unusual yet catchy, Adele's angry side shines through in this track that addresses rumors about her love life.

10. Rumour Has It

This song marked Adele's entry into the public eye, showcasing her classic alternation between small verses and powerful choruses.

9. Chasing Pavements

A beautiful piano-driven song that offers a glimpse into Adele's upbringing in London's Tottenham district.

8. Hometown Glory

A powerful heartbreak song that became her first number 1 hit in the UK, highlighting her undeniable vocal prowess.

7. Set Fire to the Rain

A matured Adele returns with this hit after a hiatus, enchanting listeners with her deeper voice and passionate delivery.

6. Hello

Though not as famous, this enchanting song about saying goodbye to a failing relationship showcases Adele's emotional depth.

5. Turning Tables

Created for a James Bond movie, this dramatic song captivates with its classic sound and Adele's soaring vocals.

4. Skyfall

A mega-hit displaying Adele's ability to turn heartbreak into a powerful anthem that's easy to sing along to.

3. Rolling in the Deep

A mesmerizing cover of Bob Dylan's song, Adele's rendition captures emotions with just her voice and a piano.

2. To Make You Feel My Love

Adele's unforgettable heartbreak song takes the top spot, with its powerful chorus and emotionally charged performance.

1. Someone Like You