When Emma Watson Revealed Oiling Her P*bic Hair While Opening Up About Her Beauty Regime & Said “There’s Still So Much Shame Around

Emma Watson, known for her openness, discussed her unique beauty routine, including an interesting aspect involving her pubic hair care.

Emma Watson's Candid Beauty Regime

Unconventional Beauty Secrets Emma shared her unconventional beauty secrets, such as bleaching her top lip and tweezing her eyebrows, which are usually hidden from the public eye.

Shedding Light on Beauty Shame The actress highlighted the shame and stigma associated with grooming routines, mentioning how people often edit out these aspects while presenting themselves.

Emma revealed her usage of Fur Oil, which she applies from her hair to her eyebrows and even her pubic hair, praising its versatility.

Fur Oil All-Purpose Product

The British star explained that she's a fan of Fur Oil due to its ability to soften pubic hair and prevent ingrown hairs by clearing pores.

Benefits of Fur Oil

Emma shared her habit of taking a daily bath and her preference for extended bath sessions, stating that nothing negative can happen in the bath.

Daily Bathing Ritual

Not only does Emma enjoy her baths, but she also utilizes the time for multitasking, even taking phone conversations while soaking.

Multitasking in the Bath

Emma discussed her changing perspective on makeup, emphasizing the beauty of natural skin and her personal journey in embracing her freckles.

Embracing Natural Skin

During the filming of "Beauty and the Beast," Emma insisted on keeping her freckles visible, aiming to inspire young girls to embrace their unique features.

Promoting Diversity in Beauty

Emma's decision to showcase her freckles onscreen was driven by her desire to support young girls going through puberty and encourage them to love their natural skin.

Empowering Young Girls